September 28, 2005

  • I'm gonna parrot my sister, Elaine, by griping about the heat's 102° at 5:00 p.m.! 

    Folks, that's bad enough when it's July or August, but when it's late September?

    It's miserable.  Mercy Maud, do I hope the relief the weatherpeople have been promising shows up. 

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  • Good. Grief.  I really do hope y'all get some good weather.

  • When I drove past the bank today about noonish it was a balmy 40 degrees here. I think it's supposed to start warming up again tomorrow the high tomorrow is 67 degrees!! Maybe we could send some of the cool air your way!

  • [scowling] So that's what happened to our autumn air. Colorado's hogging it!

    Nice, Cheri. Real nice.


    P.S. The wind's blowing hard out of the NORTH now! Don came to get Dmitry and me from my bedroom so we could all stand outside and revel in a temperature in the low 80's.

    Doesn't take much to amuse the Ivys, you can tell.

  • Anne,

    When I was taking my wee lassie to school this morning about 7:00 A.M., there was a layer of fog overlaying much of Waxahachie.  In low areas, it was pooled, really thick. 

    I turned on the radio and heard that the temperature was 80.

    Eighty-degree fog.  I began to feel like mold was growing under my fingers as I gripped the steering wheel. 

    Here it is almost midnight, we've had a good downpour in the past hour, and the temperature outside is a balmy 80 degrees.  The day is ending as it began:  like dog breath.

    But, it's supposed to be down in the low 60's before sunrise?  Yeah.  uh huh.  I'm with Thomas on this one.

    Fr. B

  • [wagging a reproachful finger down Waxahachie way] Now, now, Bill.....!

    Remember what happened to Thomas. :-p

    It was in the low 60's here when I got up! Bliss! How cool'd it get down in your neck o' the woods?

  • Okay, I've seen the temperature guages.  And, yes, as I went outside at 6:00 A.M., it was cooler and a brisk breeze to boot.

    And, when I got to the chapel, I opened doors on both ends of the parish hall, to let that breeze blow freely throughout (as it is still doing as I type this). 

    Enjoying it until the temps rise back into the 90s in a couple of days [sigh],

    Fr. b

  • I thought I told you a while back to move to Michigan. 

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