September 27, 2005

  • The Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog is out! 

    My, my, my…..what a plethora of pithy choices they’ve provided for us.

    For $1.5M (yes, million) you can have a private concert by Elton John. 

    [sternly]  Just one, though, so you’d best get a move on . . . you snooze, you lose.

    If that seems a smidge on the gaudy side, perhaps something for the
    home?  And nothing will bring a family together like a Family
    Photo Booth:

    Twenty grand and you’ll never see the small fry again; at least, not in
    the flesh.   Not to mention, they (the photos, not the small
    fry) make terrific party favors.

    Speaking of small fry, N-M has the perfect present for Benjamin!

    Grand Empire Railroad, his very own, private railroad:

    Somewhere between model trains and bullet trains lies the ultimate dream of the railroad enthusiast:
    a riding-scale system in his own back yard, complete with locomotive, cars, caboose, station, and 1,000
    feet of track.

    By jingo, if his Gran only had $200K, her Benjamin Bunny would be riding high. 

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  • A caboose!  Oh, Anne, you simply HAVE to do it, otherwise little Benjamin Bunny may never know the joy of seeing a train with a caboose.  These poor kids today – what they miss.

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