September 28, 2005

  • Fluent as Dmitry is becoming in English, sometimes it takes me a minute
    or two to figure out what he's getting at. Case in point:  this
    evening we were having a chat on my bed (actually, Dmitry was
    monopolizing the conversation, alternately telling me about all the
    cool games due out for Christmas and griping about the controller for
    the upcoming Playstation 3...."What's it supposed to be?  A boomerang?"), and during one especially intense burst of enthusiasm he exclaimed, "I'd be in the fifth sky!"

    Fifth sky?   Fifth.  Sky.  Hmmmm....

    AH!  "You mean, you'd be in seventh heaven?"

    Oh, he replied.  Yeah.  That's what he meant. 

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  • LOL! What a great way to start the day!  I can't wait to meet him, although I'm sure he's not waiting with baited breath to meet me. That's OK, too.

    Praying that he will be in the new heaven . . .

  • I'd love you to meet him, only he clams up when strangers are around. Kelly can vouch for the fact he isn't precisely chatty when with people he doesn't know.

    So you'd probably not get to hear any true Dmitryisms, regrettably. :^(

  • Unless you sat there and played GameBoy with him for hours and hours as Stephen has done.  Then you'd get to hear lots more.

  • Too funny, maybe the fifth sky isn't quite as wonderful as seventh heaven?

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