September 26, 2005

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  • Oh, I wouldn't worry about it, after all, dolphins are among the smartest creatures on the planet.


  • Them being so blasted smart is why we should worry. =8^o

  • Oooo! I like your new pic. How does one get a pic anyway?? Never could figure it out.

  • Yeah, my ROFLOL was meant in the spirit of "NOT!" 

    I agree with you, but then I have a rather old-fashioned sense of warfare.  I personally think that making warfare so extremely safe for the attacker that he's not actually taking any personal risk is craven and unmanly.

  • Go to your profile page....there ought to be a place to "view profile pics" or something, then be able to upload them. They ought to be pretty small, though. These are AIM "buddy icons". (AOL Instant Messenger, donchaknow.)

  • That's a good point, Kelly.....there does seem something cowardly about sending dolphins, which have a long history of helping people in watery distress, to instead be sent to kill them, thereby putting the dolphins in harm's way.

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