September 27, 2005

  • An irritating thing about the Yahoo! Music Engine is how one purchases
    tracks.  Unlike Rhapsody, where one can gather tracks into a
    playlist and then buy them at one time, so far as I’ve been able to
    determine, one can either buy an entire album or single tracks one. at.
    a. time.

    That’s a lot of individual 79 cents charges to my credit card. 

    I’ve searched the help site, and emailed them asking about this, but never received a response.

    Other’n this stupid oversight I like it fine, but this hiccup is
    driving me batty.  There are several songs I’d like to buy from
    two or three albums and burn onto one CD, but it’ll entail multiple
    single chump change charges, and I’m reluctant to do that.  May
    just say “to heck with it” and buy-and-burn-em via Rhapsody, even
    though it’ll cost a bit more.

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  • Have you checked your credit card to see that the charges are actually 79c at a time? With Walmart, even when I download separately, it combines “so many” charges in the same time period into one charge. What music do you like? (specifically which Christian ones, since those will be the only ones I’m familiar with.)

  • Oh! Well, no…, the only thing I’ve actually purchased was an album. I’ll have a crack at it, then, only I went ahead and bought the ones I wanted through Rhapsody (except one of the tracks was said to be unavailable, which is stupid…it is, too!).

    The CD I created has some Third Day and some Charlie Daniels. I love that juxtapositon.

    Charlie Daniels singing “Nothing But The Blood of Jesus” is past price, as is Third Day’s “Saved”.

  • Hey Anne, maybe you can help me.  I want to make a CD of the pics we took on our trip and add some southwest music to it.  I just joined Rhapsody but haven’t used it yet.  Can you suggest any appropriate southwesty music, something nice and mellow but good background stuff for the pictures?

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