September 26, 2005

  • Now, don't go asking me to point you to the website, for I'm not going
    to, but this was one of the funniest  -  in a pathetic sort
    of way  -  occurrences I've seen in ages.

    There's a blog I check now and again, and the most recent posting is
    the blogger's comments regarding a couple of negative personality
    traits sometimes seen on the internet.  No names were given, mind.

    Well, doggone if someone didn't indignantly protest, "Oh yeah, like everyone's not gonna know you meant me!"

    Absolutely serious, he was. 

    What noodle would do that?  I mean, if I'd thought for one second the blogger had me in mind when making that post, I'd rather have a root canal than publicly acknowledge it. 

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