May 29, 2005

  • My nephew Jordan is back in the hospital, so Charles' Aunt Jeanne came
    over this afternoon to congratulate him on his graduation this evening:

    Watching her gift of a bobblehead, um, bobble. 

    A congratulatory hug from a fond aunt!

    At  last it was time for him to be driven to the graduation site. 

    To be continued . . . .

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  • Charles did it!! He graduated!! We are proud!! He made it look easy and believe you me, it isn't. I suspect that I couldn't graduate nowadays. I just barely made it out and through college in the 40's. Still don't understand algebra. And didn't need to either. Congratulations, Charles and Mom and Dad! I think sometimes it is a joint effort. Tho I can't remember my folks doing one thing towards my schooling, it was just sink or swim. I paddled. But I didn't drown. From the graduate's grandmom who wish we could have been to watch but stuff  happens.

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