May 30, 2005

  • Well, we're back.  Whoosh!  What an evening.  Saw the
    Waybourns as I was walking to the stadium (they were there for the
    Hines' daughter's graduation, but assured me they'd cheer like mad for
    Charles, too) and Laura said she'd warned her boys graduations are long
    and dull, so deal with it.

    Wise words.  True words!

    However, a few of us showed up to support Charles at this momentous
    occasion, including darling Beth, who had sat through an even larger
    graduation ceremony in Huntsville yesterday (for her cousin), then
    drove back here in time to make her bro-in-law's, and if that's not duty-above-and-beyond, I don't know what is.  ;^)  And Hannah was very good the whole time, bless her heart. 

    Give 'em their due, they started right on time, never mind the long lines of people still waiting to get through security:

    Here he came!  And I've put arrows in most photos, indicating the Graduate.

    That's him in the middle.

    I was pleased to see Charles remove his cap for the Star Spangled Banner. 

    On his way to collect his diploma.

    Almost his turn!  Unfortunately, the ones of him crossing the stage didn't turn out well. 

    It's blurry, but there he is, clutching his diploma as he returns to his seat.

    I'm thinking this was right after the cap toss.

    Outside the stadium, being congratulated by Beth.

    Receiving the congratulations of Dmitry, whilst simultaneously foiling my attempts to get a decent photo.

    Realized after the fact we'd never gotten a picture of Don and me with
    him, which is depressing but par for the course, considering who we're
    talking about.  Still, by jingo, he did it!  It was a bit
    dicey at times, but he did it. 

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  • Thanks, Anne, for the pics! Almost makes up for not being there in person! I like the arrows pointing to Charles, and can't believe dear Beth made it! She is a wonder! Which we knew but this is even more wonder woman like! That peek of baby Hannah in her lil outfit, darling! BTW, how long did it take for the graduation? Oh, and the invites were quite elegant! Did the grads have a choice of styles or was this the only one? And how was the parking? I was so concerned about the distance for Charle's grandad to navigate and then worried that I shouldn't have worried and just gone anyway. Oh well, the pics are fine! Thanks again, Mom

  • It just depended when one got there, apparently, for I arrived a few minutes after seven but had to park on the north side of the football field, but Beth - who arrived I guess about 7:30 - snagged a parking place close in.

    And not to worry...I popped $30 for a DVD of the ceremony, so everyone who wasn't able to be there (the overwhelming majority of the family) will still be able to hear all the speeches and sit through each and every graduate having their name called and receiving their diploma.

    Might even poke Bethany and Brianna so they will shriek loudly periodically, like the people who sat behind us.

    It'll be the next best thing to having been there in person.

  • VErry nice!  Good color on the gowns-- they look like a garden full of irises!

  • Congratulations to you all, especially Charles!! My Colin graduates in 17 days (but who's counting). I think when I talk to him again I will ask him if they will have a dvd. I'd definitely fork out the money for that!! I would love to be able to torture...em....share with the rest of my family (cross your fingers that Colin's high school does such a neat thing!)

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