May 28, 2005

  • Tonight was the May celebration at Mom’s house, honoring several
    birthdays, an anniversary, and Charles’ high school graduation tomorrow
    night. In anticipation for that, the house was readied:

    Texas Tech flags now fly both in front and back.  ;^)

    Courtesy of Dmitry, a photo of Charles opening his gift sack from Don
    and me (he was particularly intrigued by the Texas Tech auto
    emblem…hmmm!  Is this a clue???), and me with the newly hacked
    hair.  That’s Jessica chatting with her nephew, Benjamin.

    Mom talking with Jessica’s eldest, Kirsten, who turned 12 earlier this month. 

    The hit of the dinner was Mom’s homemade chocolate sauce, using Helen
    Corbett’s recipe of thirty years ago.  It was quite distressingly
    good.  Wicked good.  Unnecessarily good.  To the point
    the precious tot on the left up there actually resorted to violence to get more of it!

    Marebear’s mom wasn’t paying attention to her pleas for a second
    helping of “ice keem and sauce” so she felt the need to give her a whap
    on the arm.

    Auntie Anne got her some more. 

    Our two photohogs . . . they simply adore having their picture taken, the silly billies.

    Dmitry laughing at something or other.

    Tomorrow night . . . The Graduation! 

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  • Great pics! The sauce was REALLY, really good. I can’t stop thinking about it! Mom, why don’t you make up batches of that for Christmas presents?? Yum!

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