July 15, 2010

  • Mercy Maud, isn't it just the WAY?!?!

    We'd noticed recently the temp in the house being warmer than it ought to be, even allowing for The Leakiest House On The Block, and when it was 80° at noon, there was no question but that it wasn't working properly.  The nice guy showed up late this afternoon, and after turning on the heater so as to thaw out the frozen whatzit up in the attic, he figured out what it was.....a part that needs to be ordered, naturally.  And not a cheap part, either.  

    Right before I leave on the cruise.  As in, I'm going tomorrow morning!  bummed

    Went ahead and paid in advance, since I can't leave the card...it goes with me.  On the bright side, at least the unit's working well enough to keep it in the low-to-mid 80's, and it happened before I left.  Definitely preferable to getting a communication from the boys while I'm away, saying the a/c isn't working and what are they supposed to do about it?

    Speaking of which, my cell phone - as in the equipment - won't work in Europe, but will on the Maasdam, and it's only wildly pricey ($2.49 per minute!) if I make the call, not if I receive the call.  And it's 50 cents for me to send a text message, but only a nickel to receive one.  So this is great!  I can keep up and talk with the fam occasionally.  Plus I'll be checking email morning and evening.  And updating the blog (compose the posts offline then post them quickly, and upload pictures at internet cafes).

    Dmitry's 20th - yes, I said 20th, can you believe it?!?! - birthday is on August 16th, while I'm gone, so I'm wrapping a present for him and hiding it.  He'll get instructions as to where to find it On The Day.  (No fair searching in advance, Dimka!)

    My next update should be tomorrow evening from Boston!  Where I understand it's going to be hot and muggy.  Oh joy.  The hotel Mom's got us at is a first-class establishment, the Fairmont Copley Plaza, so that's going to be delightful.  Thank you, Mom, for this fabulous treat!   heart

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  • Kewl place, be sure to have a look inside Trinity Copley Square... especially the verse from John 8:32 behind the altar. That's the verse that told me that the Lord had heard my deepest pleas. I could swear I remember it glowing.

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