July 13, 2010

  • Wow. And to think I used to feel guilty if I didn’t post for a week.

    Facebook has been taking over, but I’m determined to wrest my blog back from it, whatever “it” may be.

    The horse races were rather fun, though it seems a useless thing to do, both racing the horses and watching the races, much less betting on them.  It took a long time between races, upward of half an hour.  Mostly I enjoyed sitting on the grass with E&A friends and chatting, occasionally walking to the fence to cheer on whatever horse someone had bet on.

    They usually lost.  Still, it’s a nice venue.

    The last Sunday of June was a baby shower for Beth, who got more diapers than you can shake a stick at.  Lillian won’t need them bought for her for ages!  Here’s Beth reading a card, with Bethany, Hannah, Faith, Kirstin, and Jill at the far right:

    Hannah was an enthusiastic helper:

    As was Faith, of course:

    Margaret, Meredith, Elaine and Mom:

    It’s always a delight to have my two toddler poppets together!

    And me with my thus-far youngest granddaughter, Brielle.  Lillian should be joining us next month, though, and we are so excited! 

    On July 3d I went on a catamaran with a large E&A group to eat dinner and watch the fireworks on Lake Lewisville.  The boat was quite pleasant.  The staff was friendly.  The Blue Mesa food was okay.  The DJ, music played, and behavior of a bunch of the attendees was deplorable, however.  I hate finding myself in such situations, where I feel obligated to ask the LORD’s forgiveness for being there.  Since E&A (Events & Adventures) is largely advertised on a local Christian radio station, I was completely unprepared for the unsuitable language and music, which set the tone for the party.  Emailed feedback to that effect but didn’t get a response.  Not only the wretched, LOUD music (big speakers on a catamaran means there’s nowhere to hide) and foul-mouthed DJ, but the boat didn’t return to the pier until around 11:45, so by the time I hiked to my car it was midnight before I set off for home.  Only took 50 minutes, shorter than the hour I’d feared.  The last two years, I’d been told by those who’d gone, the boat would return between 10 and 10:30.  One of the other middle-aged women and I were huddled in abject misery the last hour and a half, muttering about mutiny. 

    The big news is that on Friday…as in THIS Friday!…I’m leaving with my mother on a 35 day cruise on the Holland America Maasdam, departing from (and returning to) Boston, visiting a tiny French island off the coast of Canada, Greenland, Iceland, England, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Newfoundland, and Bar Harbor!  Trying to pack for such a long trip is a daunting task.  I’m planning upon blogging through it, though the charge for (slow-as-molasses, from what I’ve read) internet access on the ship is steep.  Still, so long as I compose the posts off-line, it shouldn’t take that many minutes.  Not playing any Facebook games, that’s for certain sure.  My crops and animals are simply going to have to manage without me for a while.

    Today Joe bought a new – to him – car, having sold his truck a couple of days ago.  A 1999, deep blue Firebird!  Sweet.  And he’s going to learn how to drive a standard any minute now (Viktor drove it to test it, and home):

    Above is Zhenya, Dmitry, Viktor, and Joe.  BTW, lest anyone get any ideas about breaking in, three of them live here, and Viktor is here more often than not, so I wouldn’t advise it.  Not to mention the five cats.  And the neighbors who will be watching.  All things considered, it’d be best to just move along. 

    This afternoon brought a visit by Nadia, the daughter of Vera, our facilitator for Dmitry’s adoption.  Since Vera was in the hospital when we stayed in their apartment for the meet-Dmitry trip (seven years ago last June, can you believe it?!?), it was Nadia’s task to act as interpreter between her grandparents and Don and me, and a crackerjack job she did, too.  The boys took her to Taste of Europe, aka: the Russian restaurant. 


    Nadia’s here for the summer, working at a popcorn shop in Flower Mound.  I asked what the best-selling flavor is, and she swears it’s dill pickle.  {#emotions_dlg.shocked}  I suppose after seeing the cotton-candy flavored vodka, I should stop being astonished at these weird comestibles and beverages.

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  • I’m so thrilled that you and your mom are getting that cruise — looking forward to following you on it.

    Russians sure are handsome people, aren’t they?

  • Great pictures!  You have such beautiful grandchildren.  I didn’t realize your cruise was to cool places or I wouldn’t have reminded you to take warm clothes.  I thought you might be heading for the Caribbean.  Have a wonderful time!    Sorry the catamaran trip didn’t work out as you’d hoped.  We want to do that sometime this summer and hope it’s a more refined event than yours was.  And I think I’ll pass on dill pickle popcorn, thanks anyway.  I’ve been missing your blog entries and those of others.  People go into more detail on a blog than on Facebook.

  • Yea!!! A blog at last. I’ve missed you, Clinging Vine. I hope to see many more posts in your future.

    Dill Pickle popcorn? I think I’ll pass. Make is chocolate or caramel or strawberry and I’ll buy : )

  • Gosh, thought you’d forgotten all about us! Hey, Dmitry looks great in that slightly-longer hairstyle….no more starving orphan looks for him!

  • No way Hannah and Faith are that big. It’s not allowed.

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