April 3, 2010

  • Fond as I am of digital gadgets...

    .....and I am....the only reason I haven't every cool thingummy comes out is because they, well, cost money.

    Now, considering how many gadgets I have/had, obviously this is not always viewed (by me, anyway) as an insurmountable obstacle.  Amazing how I can rationalize purchasing something I don't actually need, but just really, really want

    The Big Release at the moment, i.e. the Apple iPad, hasn't been able to tickle my "I want it!" bone. 

    What's its point?  It's too big to fit in my purse.  If it's not going places with me, why wouldn't I just use my iTouch?  I love my iTouch for checking email, FB, weather from bed, without having to get up.

    The main problem with it is that, like the iTouch, it doesn't run Flash, meaning my favorite FB games won't work on it, either. 

    I suppose it's as well.  Had the iPad run Flash, I might be tempted to spend money I can't afford on yet another digital goodie. 

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  • Not to mention the danger of never getting out of bed at all. :wink-wink:

  • Jason got his yesterday. Tiana left the house, knowing she'd only be ignored anyway.

    It IS a slick thing. Beautiful, clean lines, huge amounts of memory - he's already got several movies and books loaded on it.

    But yeah, I think it's a dumb thing. J & T, as DINKs, have lots of disposable income. Their bills are paid, they save for the immediate and long-term future and they both enjoy toys. Even if I were dumb enough to tell them how to spend their money, it's hard to do that in those circumstances. They even have a separate savings account with money to pay for airfare to MN in case something should require they both fly out there immediately.

    J's job requires him to sit in a small room by himself for several hours a night. If the phone rings often, he can really earn his pay. Otherwise, he is free to do what he likes. He now has a tool to make reading books and watching movies easier, and he won't have to lug his laptop with him.

    Oh, and since they both have iPhones, they can play Scrabble together without either seeing the other's letters!


  • I'm not criticizing J&T to be sure, but it's a funny world when it's too much trouble carry around a laptop to allow you do all the things a laptop can do -- that NOBODY could do 20 years ago.

    Really, truly, not criticizing -- just strikes me funny. :wink-wink:

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