April 10, 2010

  • Goodness, has it been a week again?

    I am a lazy blogger.  Sorry about that! 

    Last Sunday was, of course, Easter.  Hallelujah, He is risen!  The choir and orchestra showed up at church starting at 6:30 a.m. (I was a slowpoke and didn't get there until a few minutes before 7 a.m.) to have a hearty breakfast prior to singing/playing at the four services that day.  Skipped the Tenebrae service but, by jingo, I sang at all four services!

    After we were released from duty at 1 p.m. (we got to leave the loft as the sermon began), I scurried home to frost the 3D lamb cake I'd baked the previous night.  Considering the transport issue of getting it from my house to Kirstin's house in Keller, I decided against having it sit upright, though it would.  No way it'd stay upright for that distance.  Still, it came out pretty well, though Elaine's chocolate cheesecake beat my dessert, IMO.  Chocolate cheesecake beats almost everything.

    There was a bunch of family gathered at Kirstin and Matt's that afternoon, though we missed Jessica (at work), Jonathan (in Costa Rica) and Alex (working at Irving Bible Church, where he's an intern).  We had lamb and ham, and John's bodacious mashed potatoes, and a wonderful corn dish, and a lavish spinach/strawberry/pecan salad, and I don't remember what all.  It was delicious, that's for sure.

    There were three egg hunts:  one in the back yard, one inside, and one in the front yard. 

    While the children rushed around like mad monkeys, the adults would chat:

    My bro-in-law, Richard (Don's eldest brother), came as well, and he sensibly stayed on the sidelines:

    Rarely has an Easter gathering been so photographed, between Mom, Elaine, Jeanne, Jill, and me.  Here are Mom and Elaine examining a shot:

    Jeanne is an Ultra Aunt, who brings goodies for all the children:

    Above is my nephew, Justin, and Charles.  I uploaded more than these, but when I went to "choose" pictures, the first bunch weren't there, which was Highly Annoying.  Oh well. 

    Hope everyone had a good Easter!  We sure did. 

    Edit:  Ha!  The errant pictures showed up:

    Above is Elaine holding Baby Brielle, and here's Joe, Dmitry and my sis-in-law, Mary:

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  • Three egg hunts? Gotta go one better'n me, eh? Well, our one egg hunt on Easter Day ran in four WAVES - people kept showing up and we'd start new. So - is that 5 egg hunts for us?

    LOL - great photos.


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