March 15, 2010

  • Last Saturday was darling Hannah's birthday party.

    She turned five yesterday, can you believe it?  Incredible, how fast time flies by.  Before attending the festivities, though, Brianna, Bridgette, Dmitry, Zhenya and I met the Kloesels at the Dallas Arboretum, where Kirstin had arranged for a session with Natalee Raymond, a wonderful photographer (and friend of Beth's):

    Daffodils!  Tulips!  Hyacinths!  Simply stunning, and also stunning was trying to convince Bridgette she wasn't permitted to pick the pretty flowers.  ;^)

    Brianna took some photos, including this one of me, and then me with Dmitry and Zhenya.  She's got talent, ISTM:

    Naturally, I got my turn with the camera, too:

    Here's one of Dmitry and Zhenya, drinking in the beauty of God's creation:

    Boys.  Sheesh.

    Then it was on to Hannah's house; here's the birthday girl, bless her heart:

    I don't recall what caused this less-than-happy expression on our birthday girl's face:

    She was miffed about something, though!  It was a charming party with lots of games, such as Musical Flowers:

    I believe Bryson won that particular game; here he is being high-fived by Matt:

    There was also a frisbee being tossed around:

    Plus a (plastic) horseshoe toss:

    Bridgette was outside some, but mostly entertained herself with Hannah's and Faith's toys:

    Naturally she and Faith partook of birthday cake!

    The children tried to pin a wand on Tinkerbell:

    Then it was back outside for the traditional pinata.  I think everyone had rather hoped to have a replay of the Decapitated Dora pinata of three years ago, but Alex and Beth were careful to have one with the weight more evenly distributed.  That was so funny when that happened, but no one caught the moment on film.  Pity! 

    Oh well.  Can't have decapitations all the time, I suppose.  Here are Bethany and Cole having a whack at it:

    Pinatas are the dickens to crack open, and the children were on the second round when Bethany managed to do the deed.  Trouble with being the one who actually opens the pinata is it usually means you're the last to get started grabbing candy.  Nothing's perfect, is it?

    This is one of my favorite photos of Kirstin and Brielle (though you know that'll change once I see the pictures Natalee took):

    And it was delightful, the pleasure Brielle took in her Uncle Charles.  She simply beamed upon him!

    It was a wonderful day! 

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