March 15, 2010

  • Dmitry won't know about the TAKS test result until April 24.

    Isn't that tacky?  The next opportunity to try again is five days later, on the 29th.  He thinks he may have squeaked past but isn't anything close to certain, so graduation plans have been put on hold for now.

    It's also a smidge up in the air as to whether Dmitry and Zhenya will be able to go to Russia after all, as the latter's father somehow got hold of the Russian embassy, and was told if the boys plan on entering on American passports, they must renounce Russian citizenship first (which I'd figured), and after that apply for visas, which may not be given, seeing as how they renounced Russian citizenship.

    We didn't see THAT coming! 

    Doesn't mean they won't get the necessary visas, of course, but there's a definite chance they won't.  Which will leave us with a pair of nonrefundable tickets to Moscow via Air Singapore (or Singapore Air, or whatever it is). 

    No point getting all undone about it.  If the LORD wants 'em to go to Russia, they'll go.  If He doesn't, they won't.  Just keep a-goin' and wait to see what His plans are. 

    There's been another addition to the house!  Well, that might be overstating the case a trifle, but instead of the cheap some-assembly-required, laminate-over-pressed-wood bookcases that have been in the short hall, I wanted some nice cabinets.  Kenny and I went to Lowe's and I bought some more unfinished cabinets, but as the most they could stick out from the wall is 12", the lower cabinets also had to be wall cabinets.  The top caused some concern until Kenny's eye was caught by an $11 piece of butcher block.  I wanted the beautiful rope twist that takes the poor man hours to finish, but look at what he created:


    Isn't it gorgeous?  I love the top, especially:

    So does Kenny:

    He's justifiably proud of this, and so signed it for me on the back:

    He does such lovely, painstaking work, I've thought he should start a business:  Cabinets by Kenny.  It's got a ring, don't you think? 

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  • Nice idea for cabinets-- and nicely done!
    Rich would be having a three-horned cow over those non-refundable tickets! That's way too much money for him to swallow.

  • To Moscow from where? Maybe there would be a way to put the word out (if necessary) and sell them cheap, recouping at least some of the losses.

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