December 22, 2009

  • You know what really frosts my cookies?

    First, people that don't bother putting their grocery carts into the cart-round-up thingummy, and second, people who sort of do but don't take the trouble to put it in properly, leaving it sticking out into the parking lot aisle or whatever you'd call it.

    If I've shoved a bunch of carts into a neat row once, I've done it a couple of dozen times.  Those carriers (what are they called, anyway?) hold a fair number of carts if people will push theirs into the one already there, IYSWIM.  Just shove 'em in any which way leads to a few taking up the space, and carts being a hazard.

    Grumble, grumble, grumble.... 

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  • I believe they are called "corrals," or something similar. At least up in these northern parts. Down FW way, where you use corrals for critters, this might be considered too silly.

    And both complaints are extremely valid. It's like certain family members who shall remain nameless, but who will carry refuse from the table into the kitchen and dump it on the counter closest to the trash can, AND NOT TOSS A DOGGONED THING!


  • If  You See What I Mean?

  • The peeve that's been frosting my cookies this busy-shopping season is the people at the grocery store who park their carts on the LEFT side of the aisle, stand next to the cart in the middle of the aisle, to make a leisurely inspection of the goods on the RIGHT side of the aisle (or vice versa, of course.) If people drove cars like they operate shopping carts, just stopping in the middle of the road when they arrived at their destinations instead of pulling over and parking, no one would ever get anywhere. Yet some people use absolutely no common sense or consideration even in the busiest of stores.

    And then at my understaffed local Walmart, even when people do put the carts in the corrals in relatively orderly fashion, they wind up clogging the lot because they don't get wrangled (that's really what they call it!) frequently enough.

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