December 23, 2009

  • It's astounding how Target....

    ....which, along with most all the retail industry, starts cramming Christmas down our collective throats starting before Halloween, can't wait till the actual holiday has come and gone to stuff it into the trash bin.

    At my near-daily trip to SuperTarget today, I not only spotted Valentine socks where the Christmas socks had been, but flip-flops hanging on the wall in the shoe department.  Spring dinnerware and Valentine towels are also prominently displayed.

    Mercy Maud. 

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  • Yeah, Michael's, the hobby and crafts store has been having a big sale. They were busily putting up spring wreaths when I went there to see what I could find.

  • I do wish they'd quit it. I boycott Costco starting in September, because that's when the trees and ornaments appear. Maybe I'll have to just boycott everything but the local produce stand. ha!

  • I know places like Michael's are always way ahead of the season because of people wanting supplies to make things, but the other stores are without excuse.

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