November 11, 2009

  • New carpet in the living room!

    It's a lovely green, nicely complementing the olive green walls.  I love it!  Bought it from Empire Today, and by golly I ordered it one afternoon and it was installed the next morning.

    The only purples they had were too pricey, though, so I've ordered that from Lowe's.  Okay, fine, I like purple, so shoot me.  That's what's going into the master bedroom and the new off-shoot room.  Light yellow walls and sort of a violet carpet.  I think it's going to be smashing.

    Kenny said he had a nightmare about it last night. 

    It took some doing - and a visit from AT&T Uverse - but the oversized TV has been moved from one side of the room to the other.  It was really always too large for that corner, but the big corner desk pretty much had to go where it did.

    So I gave Kirstin and Matt the huge corner desk set and am using the small one that had been in the dining room.  The recliners are now positioned on either side of the fireplace, the sofa is back on the long wall, and I really need to get another end table or two.  Still, I love the living room arrangement and the new carpet. 

    Today brought very exciting news:  Dmitry passed the Math TAKS test! 

    And he came within TWO points of passing the science TAKS.  The English results aren't in yet, but everyone is confidant he passed it, too.

    That would mean all he's lacking is his German class and the science TAKS to graduate. 

    The graduation stuff info is her in the chair with me and, by jingo, I'm going to be an optimist and place the order for the cap and gown and invitations.  Dmitry was first reluctant to think about going through the graduation ceremony, but when I pointed out how excited all his family would be -  not to mention his mother - he willingly agreed, going out to his car to fetch the info.

    [wistfully]  Of course, it's hard to think of Dmitry graduating without his father with me, but there it is.  Earlier this year I didn't want Dmitry to go through the ceremony, but through God's grace this has changed, and I'm back to looking forward to happy events such as this, Kirstin's new baby, etc.

    Oh, and did I mention that as an early Christmas gift (early, and pretty much THE Christmas gift, except for a trifle for the grandkids at Christmas itself) I'm taking all of us to Great Wolf Lodge for a night?    Yes, it's not cheap, but by the time I finish buying for six children, two in-laws, and eight grandchildren, I'd spend that much, so I decided to please them and myself (nowhere near as much to wrap....I hate wrapping) by doing this.  It'll be my first visit to GWL and I'm eagerly anticipating it.  Gonna take my swimsuit, too.  Lazy river, here I come!

    Speaking of Christmas, do you believe I saw a house a few blocks north of here with it's Christmas tree up already? 

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  • Wow! Lots going on - and Go Dmitry!!

    So where are photos of the progress in your house?

    Gosh, you people have to be nagged and nagged!


  • Hoorah, Dmitry!

    Sounds like the house is moving along nicely :)

  • BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO DMITRY!!!   Wow - he passed the MATH test and almost passed the Science test!  I'll be there at his Graduation to cheer him very loudly! 

    I can't wait to see your house redocoration!  You are very creative. 

    I'm going to have to look up the Great Wolf Lodge - sounds like you are going to have a great time!  Great Christmas idea!  John just told me that he knows about it and that it is so great!  Ya'll have fun.  :dancingcow:    Take pictures!  :camera:

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