November 7, 2009

  • Mercy Maud, I never posted any photos from Halloween itself.

    Well, "boo" to me.  The evening began with trick-or-treating in Elaine's neighborhood, where Brianna joined with her cousins and a couple of their friends to run madly from house to house, with Jessica following at a more sedate pace with Bridgette.  First, a picture of the four girls with Jessica looking on:

    Bridgette was a little hard to see, so here she is:

    One of the houses had a fenced back yard with a couple of rather largish, loud dogs.  Bridgette, of course, was delighted and rushed up to see them, with Jessica in hot pursuit:

    This shows Brianna and Margaret scurrying from one house to another:

    Mom was there, too, passing out candy that she'd brought, so Elaine's house was a double-dipper for trick-or-treaters!

    This year we had some trick-or-treaters, too, doubtless because of the decorations put up by Kenny's son, Larry:

    After the initial round, we came home to dinner, then Jessica and Brianna took off for some serious candy-gathering action;  here she is with her sugariferous loot:

    Plus she got the bear, and a couple of toothbrushes.    She's so funny....she makes a careful, written inventory of what she collected.  I've no idea why, but Jessica says she's done it for a while now. 

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