February 28, 2009

  • [plaintively]  Y'know, a person could get a complex.  At Facebook the ads come fast and furious, a surprising number with a common theme:

    • Learn the secret of a mom who combined two products to eliminate her wrinkles for good.
    • Learn the teeth whitening secret discovered by a mom to turn yellow teeth white.
    • How do some people look so much younger than they actually are? Click here to learn the secret discovered by one mom.
    • Read how a busy mom erased over $20,000 of debt in 3 easy steps!

    For crying out loud, I'm a "mom" of six and I've never discovered a darned thing.  e-shrug

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  • http://adblockplus.org/, dear. I've been on Facebook for a week and a half and have never laid eyes on an ad. Save yourself the aggravation.

  • I must try that adblock thing, but truthfully I never read the ads nor do I pay attention to them. So I guess I've not discovered anything either!

  • I've seen them. But they make me laugh, nothing else. I took the time once to follow one that promised the three easiest and most effective things you can do to flatten your tummy, and proceeded to be subjected to a LONG webpage of testimonials and hyperbolic expostulations regarding The Method, w/o ever coming to the actual thing itself - just a chance to order the book to find out. They can keep it! All the successive ads have been duly ignored. :smug:

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