February 28, 2009

  • Last night was the “Classics and Cinema” concert at Christ Chapel, and it was wonderful! What a talented orchestra the church has been blessed with! I heard a new – to me – Russian composer, Reinhold Gliere, who was a contemporary of Rachmaninoff. And they played Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 1, “Classical” Op. 25. Louis Harris, the music director, said that one of the orchestra members had inquired whether he (Louis) was aware that this particular symphony, though short, is regarded as the most difficult one to play and is frequently used by symphony orchestras for potential member’s auditions. In fact, a woman who plays the clarinet is shortly to audition with a symphony in Alabama and she’s to play this symphony, so she was quite pleased to get the practice. ;^)

    Here is a video of two of our flautists, Jennifer and Hollie, playing a duet on a single flute:

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  • What a treat!!! Thanks for recording this, a first for me, and I liked the piece, glad I don’t have to learn it tho. Wow, what a talented group youall have at Christ Chapel. :so-cool:

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