January 23, 2009

  • This morning I headed out bright and early.....for me, anyway....to Get Things Done. Returned books to the library, remembered to stop by the ATM so I'd have cash for the parking lot downtown, and went downtown to the city courthouse to take care of that stupid ticket.

    Me and a whole bunch of other people. Mercy Maud, but there was a long line! However, I obediently took my place at the end and prepared to wait.

    And wait I did. Took a good 30-40 minutes just to make it to a window, whereupon - shortly after the woman began the steps necessary to send me to a judge - the computers went down. After a bit we were told it'd be about 10 minutes, and they're sorry for the wait. The line lengthened. People began to point out they were running out of time on their parking meters.

    After another 15 minutes we were told it would be another 10 minutes. Give the employees their due, they scrounged up quarters and gave them out to those who needed them. I congratulated myself on my foresight in paying for a pricey lot space and updated Facebook and played solitaire on my cell phone.

    A solid hour and a half after I'd arrived, I was instructed to check off that I wanted a court hearing with a judge and sent on my way, told I'd get a court date in the mail.

    Meaning I have to go BACK.

    At least getting the accident report was relatively quick.

    This afternoon the vet called and said while Boots is in no way out of the woods, I can go ahead and fetch her. Her ketones are down (albeit not eliminated) and her sugar level better (though, again, not exactly where it ought to be). She's to be fed a special diet, and fed twice a day, getting her insulin injections after eating.

    Seeing as how most of the time I've no idea where the animal is, this is going to be a real challenge. She has to go back to the vet on Monday for a glucose test and to see how the ketones are doing. She may still wind up having to be put to sleep, but as the vet pointed out, we'd have done everything we can do.

    And far from greeting Boots with rapture, I found Zeus hissing at her! Good grief.

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  • I finally tracked her down where she's sitting on the window sill behind the recliner closest to the fireplace. Found myself leaning over the back of the recliner, arms resting on the toy box that is behind it, holding a saucer of wet food for her. At first I thought she was going to refuse to eat, but after a minute or two she began to eat a little.

    When she stopped - and I don't suppose she'd eaten more than a couple of teaspoons - I found Zeus on top of the recliner so went ahead and offered it to her. What the heck. Paid for it. She immediately began to chow down.

    It's funny...t'would appear the sound of Zeus eating her food put Boots on her mettle, for when I held the plate down to her again, she ate with a bit more enthusiasm.

    Still didn't eat much, but I went ahead and gave her the insulin injection.

    Don't see how this is going to work for the long haul, though. :o h-no:

  • oh, my. I don't know which situation I'm gladder (is that a word?) not to be dealing with: the cat or the court.

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