January 22, 2009

  • First night in the new bed.

    The BED is fine.

    The night's sleep stunk.

    Why? Because Zeus the cat apparently isn't accustomed to being by herself in the living room so sat outside my bedroom door for ages, plaintively meowing. Finally I gave up and opened the door a bit, whereupon she bustled in, insisting upon joining me in bed. Well, not so much IN the bed as ON me, doing that softening-up routine of hers.

    Off and on, throughout the night.

    Trying to sleep with a wide-awake toddler would have been more restful.

    Isn't that the way?

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  • I don't know about that. Faith seems to have some internal clock that wakes her up every 3 hours on the dot all night long. I think I'm starting to get used to it though. Tonight, tiptoe to the boys room and let zeus in to sleep with them :sleepy: I'm sorry you didn't get a good night sleep. I pray you will sleep well tonight. Was your new bed as comfy as you hoped?

  • So far's I can tell, it's fine. ;^)

    We'll see how it goes tonight. :hmmmmm:

  • There must have been some sympathetic thing going on across the time zones. I was sleeping on the sofa due to slight insomnia/slight sniffles, and Keturah was meowing up a storm half the night begging to be let into the girls' room. The girls don't like to let her in, because then she begs to go back out later (not to mention the incessant walking around on the beds while she's with them) and they don't like to get up and do it.

    And this is unusual behavior for her (at least I think so, as I generally can't hear it when I'm in my bedroom downstairs, but the girls generally mention it on the rare occasion when it happens), so maybe she was feeling Zeus' pain, or something. Hopefully she quit when I went back to bed, as she lost part of her audience.

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