November 23, 2008

  • Brief update...

    Don finally had the bronchialscopy (sp?) this afternoon which "went well", at least from the medical staff's POV.

    Based upon the unhappy gagging and choking noises coming from the room, I'm not sure Don would characterize it in quite the same way.

    He's on a ventilator and sedated. The lab results aren't back yet so we don't know exactly what is the underlying cause of this atypical pneumonia. Hopefully tomorrow we'll find out so a proper treatment may be begun.

    The doctor estimates he'll be in the hospital one to two weeks, and on the ventilator one or two days. Oh boy. He's gonna love that. =8^o

    About to eat a fast dinner then return to the hospital...

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  • So sorry, this sucks! Right before a holiday too, ugh. Thinking of you guys & praying for you.

  • Dear Anne,  You know John and I are so sorry that Don is so darned sick!  I hope they get him on the right RX right away and get that ventilator OUT!  I miss you guys, sorry I can't be there.  Give Don a kiss especially from Me.  Plus, consider yourself hugged.... Love, Jeanne

  • I'm praying for Don.

  • And how are YOU doing, Anne dear? I've been praying for both of you.

    Love, Heidi

  • I'm praying for you and Don too and the rest of your family. I do hope that you're taking care of yourself too.

  • Our family will be praying for you during this difficult time.  May your dear hubby speedily recover and not have Thanksgiving in a hospital gown.  HEE HEE!

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