November 23, 2008

  • Remember Don and his pneumonia?

    He was admitted into the hospital yesterday afternoon, as the doctor isn't sure why the antibiotics weren't working and Don was struggling to breathe. At 12:30 a.m. he called to say he'd been moved - strictly as a precaution! - to a room in the ICU.

    This morning he had another x-ray which showed no improvement over yesterday's x-ray, so he had a CAT scan, and tomorrow morning will have a bronchialscopy which will allow them to send a camera down into his lungs to see precisely what sort of mischief they're up to, plus take a biopsy and a fluid sample. The hope is that this will permit the precise bug causing the pneumonia to be determined, so an effective treatment may be given.

    On the plus side, wearing an oxygen mask and getting 100% oxygen is making him feel a bit better, and his cough has lessened. These are good things. ;^)

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