September 25, 2008

  • Speaking of cars and drivers, this post is hilarious!

    HT: Mom

    From Antique Mommy's blog:  Horns  (as in car)

    Laughed myself sick, so I did. 

    Don was in here when I was reading it, and he told me to Google "aftermarket car horns" and by golly, it turns out one can purchase and install a horn that sounds like a bull bellowing, or a train, or an old-fashioned "OO-GAH!"

    But what I've decided I need is a Horntones FX-550, which is a "mobile audio system that allows you to supplement the sound of your vehicle’s
    horn function using virtually any MP3 audio file.  Using the latest electronic device and communications technology,
    Horntones Audio products provide you with a unique capability to
    personalize your automobile experience with an unlimited variety of
    sound clips."

    Imagine the possibilities!  "That's as green as it gets!"  "This is MY lane!"  "That's one sweet set of wheels" and, for Dmitry upon spotting an Audi, "Hey! You stole my CAR!"

    I want it.  Bless their hearts. 

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  • Antique Mommy's post was cute, but I contend that you can use your horn with a little bit of nuance. One quick sharp "toot" with the thumb is the "wake up and smell the green light, dude" signal, whereas "look out, you're about to run me off the road" or something even less polite, is a full fist-lean, multi-second "BLAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!"

    At least, that's good in theory, but I share her vexation at not being able to find the horn when you need it. I actually owned a vehicle once where they had messed up the mold for the steering wheel and left off the little raised horn indicators, so they sent me little stickers to attach to it showing where to press, and a diagram showing me where to put them. I didn't bother.

    My most annoying being-honked-at experience lately was when I was forced to sit at a green right-turn arrow watching a guy amble across the cross street in a leisurely fashion, so I could make the right. Guy behind me leans on his horn. WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO, RUN OVER THE GUY?

  • With older cars - much much older - you're right, it was possible to tap the horn versus a sharp honk versus just leaning on it.

    But seeing as how it's so difficult to get the stupid thing to work on demand these days, such nuances don't seem to be as possible.

  • I'm in the "never can get it work the way I want to" camp.  The few times I've needed it in a dangerous situation, either I'm too busy avoiding the situation or I'm hitting the middle of the steering (where it was when I learned to drive in the pre-airbag days). 

    The ONE time in my life when I used it just to say Hi to someone was just a few months ago.  A beloved church member, who has cancer, had been in the hospital for pneumonia for several days, missing church that Sunday.  On the way home from music lessons on the next Tuesday, we were sitting at a red light, and saw him and his wife sitting in the left-turn lane on the road we were facing, and we all waved and tried to catch their attention, and then I meant to just barely toot on the horn, but it didn't work so I pressed it a tad harder.  It went BLAAAAAT just as their light had turned greed and the wife had started into the intersection!  It obviously scared her to death, and they never saw us (they were turning onto the road in the same direction we were going, so they didn't pass us). 

    I called them when we got home to apologize, but I felt so bad.  I will never never never attempt to use the horn that way again!

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