March 2, 2008

  • A quiet weekend here.

    Let's see here....yesterday Dmitry went to spend the day with Carolyn
    (big surprise!), Jonathan stopped by to pick up a new computer he'd
    mistakenly had sent here (photo of him below), while Dan and Joe took
    Max to the park and otherwise passed the time.  Last night after dinner
    they decided to replace the radio in Joe's car (they couldn't see the
    interior lights properly in the daytime, Dan explained when I pointed
    out most people prefer to do that sort of thing when the sun's out, so
    they don't need flashlights).

    You know how one thing leads to another?  Well, they got the radio in
    alright, and it was working, but then the windows wouldn't go back up
    and the a/c didn't work.  Hmmmm.   Not a good trade, just to have a new
    radio.  They worked on it and worked on it and worked on it, finally deciding to drive around for a few minutes to see if inspiration would strike.

    Which it did!  "Maybe," Dan mused, "it's a fuse?"  So they replaced fuses and everything worked as it was supposed to.

    Well, until this afternoon, when I saw them at it again.  Apparently
    they got it mended, for they took Max and headed off to visit Viktor. 
    Dmitry left this morning with Carolyn's family for the Irish Festival
    over in Dallas, so who knows when he'll return home. 

    Mid-afternoon Jessica and Kirstin brought their children over so Don
    and I could take Bethany and Benjamin to choose birthday bicycles.  Don
    hadn't seen Bryson in a while, or Brianna either, so we invited them to
    come along.  To our pleasure, Jessica brought Bridgette over so we
    could finally see her!  It's been two months, and she's grown like a


    First, above is the aforementioned photo of Jonathan, who's listening
    to his father; and here's his father with Bridgette, with Jessica in
    the background:


    Bridgette in the playthingummy that's a duplicate of Faith's in Japan:


    Benjamin with his musical card from us:


    Brianna looking cute:


    The girls on bikes:


    Brianna was eager for a bike as well, but since our van won't hold four children and three bicycles, she's going to have a wait a little while.  ;^)

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  • Quiet weekends are sometmmes best. You got to see 4 our ot 6 kids - and a good proportion of your grandkids. Lovely!

    The bicycle video is fun. Cute, cute.


  • How much fun!  Thank you for posting pictures.  It's nice to see everyones smiling faces.  We really miss watching all the kiddos grow up.  They are growing up too fast.

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