March 2, 2008

  • This is hilarious!

    Don and I are watching Ultimate Recipe Showdown and the final segment of tonight's episode is chili.

    He's about to have an apoplexy, he's so indignant over the first competitor's offering, which is a vegetarian "chili."  He's firm in his conviction that a chili, by definition, requires meat.  As the recipe unfolded, revealing tofu, corn and - oh, horrors! - cashews, his frown of disapproval deepened. 

    Fortunately, the cashew-chili woman didn't win, though she came close.  The judges liked the cashews, BION. 

    Look, I am fond of cashews, but as a snack.  Not an ingredient in chili.

    Only Texans should make chili.  Down here, the presence of beans as an ingredient is still problematic, for pity's sake. 

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  • I have a yummy veggie chili recipe I'll have to pass on.  It is oh so yummy, and has lots of beans.  It's really good with cornbread.  It's with tomatoes, peppers, onions, potatoes, and zucchini.

  • I wouldn't advise calling it "chili" in Mr. Ivy's hearing, if it has no meat but contains potatoes and zucchini.

  • I say the beans make it chili.  They are in the same food group.  But, for mr. Ivy's sake, we'll call it a stew : )

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