February 29, 2008

  • Well, I didn't get to meet him but I did get to see and hear him, and take pictures.

    This afternoon Mike Huckabee was in Fort Worth, down in the Stockyards area, so I corralled the boys and off we went.

    Once parked it wasn't a chore to pick out where he'd be, i.e. in front
    of the Live Stock Exchange building.  The news truck and ring of
    cameras was a big clue.  ;^)


    Since we weren't precisely certain when Gov. Huckabee would arrive, but
    being anxious to snag a good spot for myself, I released the boys to go
    off and stroll about on their own, as Joe had never been there before.  While waiting, the crowd watched some folks practicing their roping skills, as the governor had expressed a desire to have a crack at it:


    It was only a few minutes, though, when the cheers began as Gov. Huckabee arrived:



    He took some questions from the press, then tried his hand at lassoing the plastic cow's head:


    He wasn't particularly good at it, but his wife, Janet (in the mauve) managed quite well, deftly roping it on her second attempt.  Then the governor moved away, and the crowd dispersed to be able to see the daily cattle drive that comes down Exchange Avenue.  I quickly caught up with the boys:


    And here come the longhorns!


    I was rather hoping they'd come charging down the street, but the truth is, it was more of an amble.

    Don't suppose many people would turn out for a Cattle Amble, though. 

    It was most interesting, and I'm glad we went!  If only Huckabee can win Texas on Tuesday....wouldn't that make the news media look no-how? 

    I'm always up for making the news media look no-how. 

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