November 22, 2007

  • Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

    It's turned into winter all of a sudden.  This morning was chilly but clear, then clouds began to move in.  After the Thanksgiving lunch at Elaine's house I drove Brianna and Bridgette back to their home, and was surprised beyond measure when I realized the pinging sound I heard was sleet hitting the windshield!

    Driving home along the Trinity river there was not only sleet but snow.  Amazing!

    A couple of photos from today's Thanksgiving; first, my sister, Jeanne, holding Bridgette:


    And here's one of Dmitry chatting with his Aunt Jeanne, with his eldest brother, Jonathan, at far left, who is talking to my sis-in-law, Mary, and on the right is our host (i.e. Elaine's husband), Hal, talking with Dad:


    Here's a picture I took yesterday morning (Brianna and Bridgette had spent the night with us):


    Note the missing two front teeth.  Say...!  Isn't there a song about that? 

    Last night I decided to make a Thanksgiving dinner, having seen a recipe for an apple-cranberry glazed turkey that looked enticing.  The turkey turned out fine, but that's likely to be the last time I try to glaze a turkey, at least with a glaze applied the last 20 minutes of cooking.  The taste doesn't seep into the turkey meat, and while it makes the turkey look pretty, it makes the had-been-crispy skin all limp.  Who the heck wants to eat limp turkey skin? 

    Jeanne's nephew, Evan, came in town for the holiday; he was the one who visited here briefly last spring on leave from Iraq.  Well, his deployment is over (presumably for over a year....we'll pray so!), and he came home safe and sound, thank God.  He and Justin (Jeanne's youngest son) visited the family for a little bit prior to heading off to Texas Stadium for the Cowboys-Jets game.  Justin had the makings for a tailgate party, the Cowboys are winning, so barring the cold and wet, a good time is surely being had by them.

    Hope y'all's Thanksgiving is as nice as ours!