November 24, 2007

  • For those who like jigsaw puzzles....

    Here's a dandy site:  Jigzone

    What I like about it is the pieces need not be rotated, and there is a wide variety of cuts available (though I'm dull as dirt and pretty much stick with the 48 piece classic).

    If one has a Facebook page, one may add the Puzzlebee application, which is also good.  I especially enjoy the ability to upload photos from my computer and create puzzles myself.

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  • You upload your photos and create your own puzzle? How cool is that? How do you do it? Do they tell you on the site? I have it come to my email every day and enjoy it. Love, Mom

  • Right. Just go to and create an account, then you can add the Puzzlebee application, either by searching for it in the search box, or googling "puzzlebee" and following the link. Once you're set up, there's a clearly marked link for creating your own puzzle.

  • Ha! If you're dull as dirt, I'm dumb as a post. It took me DOUBLE the "average time" to do Today's Puzzle! But I hank you for the site, as I do like jigsaws.

  • I have A System, you see.

    I sort the pieces, lining the vertical pieces to the far right, then next them making columns of the horizontal pieces, and casually moving the edge pieces into their general positions on the left side of the playing field (bottom pieces on the bottom, top pieces on the top, etc.), assembling the frame, then filling in from the outside toward the middle. My usual time is around 1/3 shorter than the average.

    Not always, of course. Yesterday I was almost half the time with one, but right at average with another.

  • BTW, if one makes an account with Jigzone, one may then upload photos to create puzzles.

  • It's a lot of fun to do the one where the pieces are shaped likes states!

  • I hadn't even noticed that option! How cool!

    Tricky, but cool.

  • That US map was a lot harder than I thought it would be! 

  • Well, thanks a lot, Anne!  Now I have yet another reason to put off housework.  Up till now I've been wasting all my time doing Acrostics on line.  The dust will be building cities under the beds. 

  • Now if we could just figure out and then patent some game with dust!

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