Month: August 2007

  • Rachel Ray, whatever else she might be, is a lousy tipper.

    So the elk andouille dish she chose at a restaurant for lunch (I'm watching one of the "eat for $40 per day" shows) ran $9.95 or so.  According to her, her lunch plus tip and tax came to $11.50.  

    Don and I have noticed this before.....she is one stingy tipper!  

    Shame on her.  e-fingers_ears

  • Day 2 with Bridgette.

    This morning I went up to visit Jessica and Bridgette, and naturally I took some photos, and Jessica shot a video with the Flip Video:




  • SHE'S HERE!!!

    Bridgette is a most accommodating child, not beginning the birth process until after Jessica got up this morning, sent Jessica to the hospital at bit after nine a.m., and arrived at 2:43 p.m. after Jessica pushed exactly twice.  And having had an epidural, Jessica was feeling no pain, in any case.

    Jessica hastened to add that last push, she pushed really, really hard.    

    Still, it was a remarkably easy birth.  Beth, you may want to point this out to Faith, urging her to think "Whatever my cousin Bridgette can do, I can do better." 

    I hope y'all have checked out my Flickr site, as I was sending photos to it this afternoon.  Here are some of the pictures I took with my ordinary camera:


    Above is, of course, Jessica with Bridgette, shortly after the latter's birth.  Isn't she a poppet?   

    We could only visit in the L&D room a few at a time, but when Bridgette was taken to be cleaned, poked and prodded, we could gather around to coo and admire to our hearts' content.  Here's Don helping Brianna take a photo of her new baby sister:


    Jason and eldest daughter, Kirsten, waiting for Jessica to be taken to her regular room:


    Here's our newest poppet:


    She's precious, isn't she?  Don, Jason, Jonathan, Dmitry and I went to wait in the room Jessica would be brought to; here she is arriving:


    After she was settled, the cell phone began to get a work out, between placing calls and receiving them:


    Jessica and Brianna sharing a laugh:


    The new family of five:


    Don and me with Bridgette:


    Bridgette with Uncle Dmitry:


    Her and her Granddaddy:


    And her's one of Bridgette by herself:


    Isn't she adorable

    Thank you, LORD, for Bridgette's safe - and f.a.s.t! - delivery in perfect health.  (You do remember Faith and Beth over there in Japan, right, LORD?  We beg the same boon for them.)

  • Addendum: Bridgette was 6 lb

    Addendum: Bridgette was 6 lb 6 oz at birth. She is too cute!

  • She's here! Jason said two

    She's here! Jason said two pushes and she was out. Brianna and li'l Kirsten have gone back to see her.

  • Bridgette's HERE! 5 lb 8 oz.

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  • We've been ejected from the

    We've been ejected from the L&D room....pix over at my Flickr page.

  • Woo-hoo! Bridgette is preparing to make her grand entrance!

    Sorry, Faith, but your tardiness will cost you Elder Cousin status, I fear.  You snooze, you lose. 

    Jessica and Jason are at Baylor/Grapevine, and I'm getting ready to head out there myself.

    Camera?  Check!

    Flip video? Check!

    Cell phone?  Check!

    Spare batteries?  Check!

    Oh boy, oh BOY!!!   I'm so excitede-banana

  • Hehehehe....

    A few minutes ago Don and I were here in the living room chatting with Dmitry and his friend, Taylor.  Don had been reading out loud an article in the newspaper about the Southlake Carrolton Dragons and how they are much hated - and envied - by others in the area, causing Dmitry to observe, in a solicitous voice, "Bless their little hearts...."

    The indoctrination is almost complete.  e-batting

  • Lest anyone's been wondering whether Anne has it together, wonder no more.

    Nope.  Not a bit.

    You would not believe the boneheaded stunt I pulled in the kitchen this afternoon.  Decided to bake a fudge pie (recipe in the links on the left), and after trying a new pie crust recipe (a mix-in-the-pan, oil-based recipe from the Baker's Catalog), went to get the instructions for the pie filling.

    First thing went wrong was I realized I was supposed to have melted 1/2 cup shortening along with the chocolate squares.  Growling, since I'd already gotten it pretty much made except for that, I set to melting it in the microwave, then glanced at the recipe card again.

    Then the second snafu reared its head.  Add 1/2 cup nuts?

    And only two eggs?  I'd put in four.

    Then it dawned on me that I had been working off the Nut Fudgies cookie recipe, not the Fudge Pie recipe.  e-arg

    It does call for four eggs (I'd been working at least off memory, t'would appear), but three squares of chocolate instead of two, and a half cup of melted butter or margarine instead of shortening.   Most likely the shortening would have worked, but I went ahead and dumped it out, melting the margarine instead.

    I think it'll be alright, as it was mainly a matter of adding more of the same ingredients.  What a mercy I'd not put the flour in! 

    What a stupid thing to do, though.  e-fingers_ears