August 29, 2007

  • Hehehehe....

    A few minutes ago Don and I were here in the living room chatting with Dmitry and his friend, Taylor.  Don had been reading out loud an article in the newspaper about the Southlake Carrolton Dragons and how they are much hated - and envied - by others in the area, causing Dmitry to observe, in a solicitous voice, "Bless their little hearts...."

    The indoctrination is almost complete.  e-batting

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  • That boy is headed for greatness, if he can spout Texas talk with a Russian accent. Does he ever affect a heavy Russian accent when speakiung English? How much of an accent does he have now?

  • He still has quite the accent, in fact, so I don't think he's ever felt it necessary to emphasize it. I don't know how some of these other kids do it, where their accent vanishes like a snowcone on a July afternoon.

    Not that he wants his accent to disappear, ye ken.

    He's figured out it's something of a chick magnet.

  • I'm telling you, the kid is no dummy.

  • Some people are just more unconsciously in tune with others' speech, making it natural for them to lose an accent (or perhaps more properly, to pick up and mimic standard American speech patterns.) Others don't have that particular bent.

    I love the anecdote, though. :D

  • I'm proud, proud I say!! Bless his little heart!!

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