August 30, 2007

  • Woo-hoo! Bridgette is preparing to make her grand entrance!

    Sorry, Faith, but your tardiness will cost you Elder Cousin status, I fear.  You snooze, you lose. 

    Jessica and Jason are at Baylor/Grapevine, and I’m getting ready to head out there myself.

    Camera?  Check!

    Flip video? Check!

    Cell phone?  Check!

    Spare batteries?  Check!

    Oh boy, oh BOY!!!   I’m so excitede-banana

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  • That just means Faith gets to be grandma’s baby for a while (maybe permanently), unlike Bridgette who will lose that status very quickly.

  • Though, of course, permanently isn’t likely. I don’t want to diss the child-bearing possibilities of all those other Ivy kids, of course.

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