May 26, 2007

  • Gotta feel for all those golfers and ticket-holders.

    This is the week of the Colonial golf tournament here in Fort Worth, and darned if it hasn't been raining off an on.  Naturally, Saturday's a big day for it (though, admittedly, not as big as Sunday), and play is scheduled to begin in ten minutes.  Check the current radar:


    Oy vey!   What really hurts it it's mostly tracking from south to north, which is unusual for this area.  Look at that!  Dallas is bone dry, while Fort Worth  -  and Colonial Country Club  -  is covered with rain.  Don't you know that's driving the tournament officials absolutely nuts to see?

    Have y'all tried the beta interactive combo satellite-radar maps at  You should!  They're fascinating.  Here's the current one showing the TCU/Colonial area:


    See Texas Christian University?  And the dark green area to it's left?  Around in there is the golf course.  The general green, yellow, reddish colors are indicative of rain falling. 

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