March 30, 2007

  • [irritably]  You know, I try to be a reasonable person (didn't say I always am....I said I try) so I can understand on a busy, stormy night a pizza delivery place losing its grip so that our online-ordered pizza never arrives.

    What I do not understand nor am feeling charitable about is when some guy at the pizza place first tries to tell me the reason my pizza wasn't delivered is because it was somehow marked as "carry-out", until I pointed out with some ascerbity that I'm looking at the email confirmation which clearly states "delivery: March 30 @ 7:15 p.m."

    Then it turned into a muddled explanation that because I ordered it to be delivered at a future time, when it came out it went to the bottom of the list, and with the storms they're running an hour to an hour and a half for delivery.

    Which is ludicrous, seeing as the whole point of the two-hour lead time for "ordered for future delivery" orders is to take into account how the delivery times are running.

    Not to mention I overheard some woman calling out to another employee, asking why this order hadn't been delivered yet, though it was requested for 7:15 (this was about 7:45). 

    All he had to do was apologize, saying that what with the storms they're swamped and my order simply got overlooked.  That I can understand.  But no, he had to give me some song-and-dance nonsense about being at the bottom of the pile because of having placed my order online for future delivery.

    I fear this is going to garner a complaint to the home office.

    Fortunately I had some biscuits, a can of chicken, and some mushrooms, so we had creamed chicken on biscuits instead.

    We'll try the pizza thing tomorrow.  That Papa John's Italian Meats pizza sounds quite tasty. 

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  • Anne, Anne, Anne!  Don't you realize that when things go wrong, it's NEVER anybody's fault?   NO ONE is ever to blame for WHATEVER happens.   The words I'M SORRY are absent from the lexicon.   And if by chance ANYONE did ANYTHING wrong, it was YOU.   It's just life in this enlightened era.

  • BION, Papa John's managed to make the situation worse with this email that arrived later in the evening:

    "Dear Valued Papa John's Online Customer,

    "We have been trying to contact you via phone regarding your recent Online Order, however, we have been unable to reach you.

    "Unfortunately, we will be unable to process your order at this time. Please feel free to contact your local restaurant or call our Customer Service hotline at 1-877-547-7272 for further information."

    I don't know who they tried to contact via telephone but it certainly wasn't me, seeing as how the phone (one in the kitchen where I was cooking, and one in the living room about 18" from where Don sits) didn't ring last night.

    Been dealing with Pizza Hut for years with few glitches (once given the wrong pizza, etc.), but on my third order from Papa John's there's this sort of snafu. >:^<

    Trouble is, we really want that Italian Meat Trio pizza.

  • Not meaning to be snarky, but could this dual disappointment be an indication that online pizza ordering is something whose time has not quite yet come?

    I'd stick to the "old fashioned" (ROFL) technique of calling on the phone for a while. Sounds like the bugs aren't out of the online process -- and it's entirely possible that such a service doesn't really lend itself to the Internet. Others have discovered before now that the Internet is like a hammer -- very useful, but not for every job.

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