March 31, 2007

  • On the whole the qualities of persistence and tenacity are held in high esteem, and for good reason.

    Occasionally, however, persistence and tenacity move from the ranks of the laudable to the embarrassingly goofy.

    Monday will mark the 25th anniversary of Argentina's invasion of the Falkland Islands, which periodically still causes me to stop and stare for a moment, overcome by what a totally boneheaded action that was.  Y'all remember that?  When Argentina essentially declared war on Great Britain?

    What morons thought that was a good plan? 

    The outcome was predictable, and after 72 days (costing the lives of about 750 Argentinians, over 200 English, and even two or three Falkland Islanders) Argentina surrendered.

    By jingo, they've revived their demand to have the "Islas Malvinas" returned to them, almost 150 years after the fact.

    The English wrested 'em away from y'all back in 1833, guys.  Give it a rest already! 

    Hmmmm.....according to an article in the Toronto Star, oil has been found on the islands and drilling has commenced.


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  • You're right about giving it a rest - but I have to tell you, reading this entry got me to looking at stuff about the Falklands - in another life, I'd have loved to visit there! Still would if I had the moolah to do it in the style my condition would require. :) What a charming, rugged and fascinating place!

    Nice to dream, eh?


  • Oh, I'd love to visit there!

    Something I remember from back then was there was a family who had moved to the Falklands from America, searching for peace.

    That didn't work out as well as they'd hoped.

    Here's something else...for a 72 day war, isn't almost a thousand fatalities awfully high?

  • Sure sounds high - maybe we should remind all those who get so exorcised about the fatalities in the Iraq war about those numbers, eh?

    Maybe it was all those landmines - that seems like a LOT of landmines!

    And maybe we should organize a trip, Anne.


  • It seems like an awful lot of lives lost for such a short war!!

    Hey Anne, if you go to and click on "A family expanding fast" you'll see my friend who is adopting a group of siblings from Ukraine. (Their son Pete is buddies with my Bennett and daughter Jessie is buddies with my Katherine. They are such a neat neat family).

  • Yeah, I'm sure it's just a coincidence - the oil thing. 

    Hey, if Mexico wants California back, why shouldn't the Argentinians want the Falklands back?   Let's give everything back to everybody and start over.

  • Apparently there are Brits who are seriously convinced the US should rightfully still be a colony of Great Britain.

    Wonder if those people think Argentina should get those islands back, then? Sort of seems as if they ought to, if they were to be consistent.

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