March 24, 2007

  • Gripes from the kitchen....

    Tonight I tried a new recipe (Beef and Potato Pancakes, which are just ground beef patties that have gotten a bit above themselves) and was again tripped up by the stated cook time not bearing any actual resemblence to the actual cook time.

    Five minutes per side, my great-aunt Bertha's left foot

    You'd think I'd learn.  You'd think I'd learn that chicken breasts don't get done when sauteed for 3-4 minutes per side, and potato dishes don't get done when cooked for ten minutes.  You name it....filets of beef, pork medallions, broccoli florets, religiously insist they'll be cooked through much, much faster than reality.

    It's really quite annoying when one is trying to get the various parts of dinner to be ready for the table at the same time.

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  • That is frustrating.  Some of those recipes, I write down the REAL time needed.

  • I don't understand why they do this. Just last night I was stir-frying some pork. "Until cooked through, about 3 minutes" indeed. Since when does cold pork, even thinly cut, get cooked through in 3 minutes? More like 6!

    Is there some magic in the test kitchens, or something?

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