February 28, 2007

  • Iguana beats airplane?

    According to a story on the local NBC station, Chicago's O'Hare airport is having trouble....actually has had trouble for at least a dozen years now....with critters on the runways causing landings to be aborted or deterred.  Here's the current count over the past twelve years:

    • Deer:       742
    • Coyotes:  263
    • Turtles:      61
    • Moose:     11
    • Iguanas:      7
    • Bears:         3

    Okay, I can understand coyotes, bears, deer and moose stopping planes from landing, but turtles and iguanas? 

    Y'know, I'd expect airplanes to be able to pretty much ignore turtles and iguanas, whether taking off or landing.  e-shrug

    P.S.  Come to that.....Chicago's got iguanas?

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  • I swerve for frogs so Iguanas I can understand..lolol

    But the plane? I laugh and love it!!!
    Have a terrific tomorrow V

  • Well, just speculating, but...

    those planes land with those three relatively small wheels (only one, initially) balancing the whole kit and kaboodle. I can imagine that a pretty small bump -- such as that created by hitting a turtle or iguana at several hundred miles per hour -- could cause some kind of hazard. If your car hits something and bounces a little to the left, no big deal. But the physics of airplane landing, at least it seems to lil ol' ignorant me, are rather different.

    I imagine they're escaped pets, or maybe even escaped from baggage, though it's really pretty amazing that SEVEN of them have wound up on the runway.

  • Ok, doesn't anybody else wonder about moose in Chicago? And all of those coyotes?


  • Coyotes makes perfect sense. We saw a presentation by a member of the trapping organization in PA (forget the name of it) who said that if you live in Pennsylvania, there ARE coyotes within 1 mile of your house, unless you live smack in the middle of Pittsburgh or Philly. They really need only a tiny speck of wilderness or wooded area for habitat. But they're very stealthy so you don't see them.

    So I can easily see coyotes living in the woods and fields out by an airport. Northern Illinois is pretty similar to PA geographically.

    Moose, though -- now that's a poser.

  • I've heard of runways in Florida having to be cleared of gators every now and then.  Wouldn't you think if it were that common a problem that you would know 1 person who had been on a flight that had to take another pass because an animal was on the runway?  Not doubting the report, mind you.

  • Hmmm - I knew that about PA - hard to have grown up here without knowing it, especially in a family full of woodsmen and hunters. I guess I just couldn't fathom it near O'Hare. Silly ol' me!

    And PBC, I do know people who've had flights delayed for critters. Well, I know "a" people.


  • I wonder what kind of critters they have at DFW?  Anne - you're the logical person to look this up! 

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