July 30, 2006

  • I'm trying to arrange for a whole-family (less three, unfortunately)
    photo on the Sunday Alex and Charles are in town, and lemme tell you,
    it's not easy.  Between sitting fees, location fees, and mostly
    just the cost of the "portraits" (sounds so much more up-scale and
    pricey than "photographs", doesn't it?), I'm in sticker shock.

    One thing that has me puzzled, and which is a feature of most photo
    packages everywhere, whether Sears or a primo portrait photographer, is
    the presence of wallets. 

    Does anyone actually want wallet size pictures?  I mean, really
    What slays me is the number of 'em that'll be included in a
    package....normally at least 24, and often twice that number. 
    Wouldn't most people prefer to have a couple more 5 x 7's and give the
    wallets the go-bye?

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  • Get this:  Meg's senior portrait package:  2 different 5x7s, 1 8x10 of another pose, 1 senior yearbook pic....equals more than $250.  16 wallets, if we had gotten them: $80.  Won't be doing that anytime soon again!

  • I believe it. Charles' graduation package lives clearly in my memory. $350 for whatever.

  • It'd be cheaper for ya'll to fly Jason down and let him do your portraits. And he's good!


    For Amber's graduation photos, she chose 6 poses, getting 6 5x7s of each, 16 wallets of each, and one 11x13. (She has a very large bunch of relatives who expect photos - Penny says there are none left!) And that was $250.

    As for wallets, Amber gave most of her wallets to classmates.


  • Wallets go to friends and some family (I'm guilty of carrying around wallet sized pictures of my kids, and some of them are even fairly up to date!). I need to have a family picture taken again, but I know that the price will be scary....we may just sit on the lawn and do run ins.

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