July 31, 2006

  •  It’s Monday.  Ickers.

    So here’s a blonde joke I found on another blog. 

    A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead are on the run from the law when they find an old barn to hide out in. The police are close on their tails, so when the women find three sacks, they immediately jump into them. About a minute later, a policeman comes into the barn and sees the suspicious-looking sacks. He kicks the first one.

    “Meow,” says the redhead.

    “It must be a cat,” thinks the policeman. He kicks the second sack.

    “Woof,” says the brunette.

    “Must be a dog,” thinks the policeman. He kicks the third sack.

    “Potatoes,” says the blonde.


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  • I just heard that one recently. I love it. My blonde daughters don’t appreciate it as much.

  • Not surprised.  Blondes have precious little sense of humor. 


  • I heard this one last week.  It tells better than it reads, but I’ll try.

    A blonde walks  up to the check-out counter at the library and says, “I’ll have a hamburger and fries, please.”  Indignantly, the librarian says, “Miss!  This is a library, for goodness sakes!”  In a remorseful and whispering voice, the blonde whispers back, “I am so sorry.  I’ll have a hambuirger and fries, please!”

  • HAH! That’s a good one. I always like the blonde/brunette/red-head ones, because I’m blonde and my two younger sisters are brunette and red.

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