June 23, 2006

  • [sadly]  Well, our Brianna's gone for three weeks, until she comes back along with Bethie, as they attend the Christ Chapel MusiCamp.  While she was here we surely had fun, though! 

    This morning was the last morning of VBS, which she loved, and in the early afternoon we went to play with Meredith.  Bless their hearts, they had such a super time together!  Darling Meredith gives a marvelous farewell, running along the car as it leaves and waving frantically. 

    Later this afternoon I handed her over to her other grandmother at Brianna's basketball class.  Naturally I took a few photos:

    June2006 124

    June2006 117

    June2006 126

    June2006 135

    June2006 145

    With her long legs, energy, and ability to make baskets, Brianna's a natural basketball player.