June 23, 2006

  • You know what love is?  Love is sitting in front of the computer watching a slideshow of literally hundreds of vacation bible school slides in hopes of catching a glimpse of one’s granddaughter.

    The granddaughter who just spent a few days here, that is. 

    Okay, maybe it’s not logical, but it’s what I just did.  Mercy Maud, but the photographer took heaps of photos, but precious few included Brianna.  Alright, about 600 kids were there, along with who-knows-how-many volunteers, still…. 

    Did manage to snag a couple of sightings; here she’s in the back, partially obscured by the boy in the teal shirt:


    This was taken yesterday, and all one can see is the back of her head, specifically her braid:


    That’s her teacher, BTW.  In this photo below, I’m pretty sure she’s one the far, far right, up front:


    This one is just for those on-line friends of mine who might be curious to see another photo of Christ Chapel (mind, in two months this sanctuary goes away and the brand-new one opens):


    Brianna had a terrific time, and is already talking about next year.  

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  • She’s SO cute…man, she’s going to have the young men positively buzzing around her as she gets older– better warn her folks! I think it’s cool that a young man would do VBS.

  • There are a lot of guys involved with Christ Chapel’s VBS, AAMOF. Statistically there were more girls and women volunteering, but the masculine presence was quite noticeable.

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