June 15, 2006

  • Aye carumba!  

    Tomorrow night on 20/20 (9 p.m.CDT/10 p.m. EDT) will be the man who thought he'd see what happens if he tears up an unsolicited credit card application, tapes it back together, sends it to a different address, and puts down a cellphone number.  Read about it here.


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  • Thanks, that is truly scary. I will use my shredder even more than I do!!

  • That's scary.  A shredder would be a great idea, but I'm more scared of Hannah's fingers getting shredded. 

  • Beth, I don't think Hannah's fingers can get shredded in it, plus, keep it unplugged when not in use.

    Anne, that's terrifying! I always just tear them in half and throw them in the recycle bin!

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