June 15, 2006

  • Sometimes I read a news headline on the net and don't even want to
    click on the link, due to getting so much play out of wondering what on
    earth they're talking about. 

    Case in point:  On Yahoo's front page there is a headline reading "Whale carcass mystifies Alaskan scientists".

    Hmmmm.  Using the decoding skills painstakingly learned at North
    Hi Mount Elementary and Stripling Junior High, I'm guessing there's a
    dead whale somewhere in Alaska.  Is this so unusual, though? 
    I sort of thought deceased whales washed up on the shores of Alaska
    with some regularity.

    If the whale's cause of death were weird, like someone shooting it, that'd not puzzle scientists.  Police, perhaps, but not scientists.

    Maybe it's the wrong type of whale?  One not normally seen in those
    waters?  Or maybe it's in the wrong place, such as a covered parking
    lot of a mall?

    Again, though, that'd be a matter to mystify the police rather than scientists.

    I daresay eventually I'll break down and go see what the heck there is
    about this particular croaked whale to set Alaska's scientists in a
    dither, but for right now I'll try to puzzle it out myself.

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  • Ya made me look, ya dirty crook.

    It's the carcass of a dead baby beluga, found on the beach of a river, 1000 miles inland. How, why, when?

    That's the puzzle.

    Did I spoil it for you?



    PS Now the Baby Beluga song is in my head. Dang.

  • EEEEEK! I was still working on it. =8^o

    Oh well. Wasn't close to guessing that, so it's just as well.

    No wonder the scientists are mystified! That IS strange.

    Fortunately I don't know the Baby Beluga song, so it's not in my head.

    That'd be the Macarena. It's been plaguing me since yesterday.

  • LOL, when I read your comment "the wrong type of whale," I couldn't help but think of Pooh saying, "Christopher Robin, I am afraid that I have made a discovery. These are the wrong sort of bees!"

    I mean, it's bad enough to have a whale beached on your river bank, but if it's the wrong sort of whale, well, my heavens! We don't associate with that sort!

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