April 26, 2006

  • Boys can drive a person nutso, and that's a fact.

    While coming home from Target, just as I'm about to turn onto Dexter off of Montgomery, my cell phone rings.  It's Dmitry, wanting to know if I could go up to Arlington Heights to pick up his friend, Taylor.  Seems his mother can't do it.  I agree, and tell Dmitry to tell Taylor I'll pick him up in the east parking lot.

    Drive past home and on towards Heights.  No Taylor.  Call Dmitry, only to find he'd never spoken to Taylor again.  Well, then, does Taylor even know I'm up there?  Or has he walked on home?

    I go ahead and drive around the south side of the school to check the west parking lot.  No Taylor.  Drive back around the north to scan the east parking lot again.  Not there.  Park and go inside, since Taylor had called from the office, but it was all quiet, with only a cleaning person in the hall. 

    Decide this is plumb silly, turn around, go back to the car and come home, keeping an eye peeled for Taylor, but I didn't see him.

    Turns out Dmitry did tell Taylor I was out at the store, so it'd be at least 20 or 30 minutes before I could get there, but whether or not Taylor was actually going to hang around the school on such a flimsy basis, I don't know.  No real plans made.  Taylor never called back.  When I called the school office no one answered.

    Of course I'm now sitting here feeling guilty for not having sat out in the stupid parking lot, waiting, waiting.  Except what if he had already left?  OTOH, what if he's still UP there, waiting for me???


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  • How unlike teenage boys to be spacey!

  • I thought of this entry as the phone rang this afternoon. It is my son (Dmitry's age) Robert. I leave the house in about 15 minutes to go and pick up his younger brother from school so that he can get ready for karate class. Robert's school is 15 minutes in the other direction. "Mom can you come and get me real quick". Now, technically if I drive very fast and hit no traffic, I can, in theory, pick him up and get back to the elementary school before Bennett panicks because I'm not there. I told the boy that he'd have to wait and I could pick him up after I pick up Bennett. Now, Robert knows that he will get to spend a quality evening at the YMCA with his family if I come and pick him up, because, you guessed it, the high school is on the way to the Y and I refuse to drive back and forth and back and forth because he didn't want to take the bus. Am I making any sense here? Or has the boy driven me nutso?

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