April 28, 2006

  • This is not the type of thing about which I normally blog, but to be truthful, Mexico's managing to really Get My Goat.

    According to CNN:

    Mexican lawmakers issued a declaration of
    support for immigrant protests planned in the United States on Monday
    and said they will send a delegation to Los Angeles to show their

    Oh, really?  Are they now?  Can you say HYPOCRITES?

    Only recently have I found out (and investigated it on my own to make sure) that in Mexico it is a felony to be in that country illegally.  Not that I'm necessarily supporting America doing that, but it certainly seems to me a nation that convicts illegal entrants as felons and deports them that same day ought to shut up about other countries.

    Mexico is complaining about the possibility of increased border patrols along its USA-Mexico border while simultaneously having military presence along its own southern border so as to prevent people sneaking into Mexico from Guatemala.

    Mexico's hypocrisy is absolutely breath-taking in scope. 

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  • I guess it's not hypocrisy because they don't claim it would be bad for THEM to make illegals into felons or patrol their borders. They're quite cheerful in their denial that the same sauce is good for the goose and the gander. It's just unabashedly self-serving. It seems to me you've got to have at least a charade of shame to be a hypocrite.

  • Thanks for furthering awareness.

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