March 31, 2006

  •  Just got a call from Don, and after several months of research and test drives, he finally traded in the Silver Bullet II (his Camaro), choosing a 2006 Mercury Mariner:


    Maybe now those myriad phone calls from car salesmen will stop plaguing me on a near-daily basis.  Why do they think he's going to be home at 1:00 in the afternoon, for pity's sake?  e-fingers_ears

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  • Very pretty new vechicle. Don'tcha just love those calls. I'll get calls for the husband and they'll ask me if he's at his work number (gee, ya think?)!

  • After some years, we finally have our mechanic trained that when we GIVE him Ray's work number, he's supposed to CALL him at his work number, instead of calling me at home so I can TELL him to call Ray at his work number. Several times, the conversation has gone like this:

    "I think you'll need to call my husband and chck on this. Do you have his number?"

    "Is it this one? 490-XXXX?"

    "YES!" {grinding teeth}

  • Oh, and BTW, that's a gorgeous vehicle.

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