March 30, 2006

  • Finally received a call from Charles this evening!  He says there
    are no pay phones in the barracks, only at the NEX, and when he was
    there yesterday he didn't have a phone card.

    Calling collect didn't occur to him, apparently.  e-rolleyes2

    Anyway, he's sharing a room with one of his best friends from boot
    camp, which is nice.  Thirty of his graduating class came to
    Groton, enough so their class begins next week, meaning no leave until
    perhaps mid-May. 

    On the plus side, his A-school will be in Groton, so he won't be
    transferring elsewhere, and it doesn't take but a few months. 
    Why, he'll be posted somewhere for his first assignment before we know
    where we are.    
    He's determined to do as well as possible in his A-school, for the top
    of the class gets first pick of where they want to go.  His friend
    Joseph's school should be completed in December (apparently learning
    how to shoot missles takes longer), and their plan is for him to get
    posted wherever Charles goes.

    Hmmmm.  We'll see how that works out, won't we?  Best laid plans....! 

    Anyway, he's happy and settled, so that's good.  Didn't know his
    snail mail address, so couldn't give it to me.  Hopefully he'll
    write soon, assuming he wants to receive mail.

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  • Got to eliminate his excuses for not calling home. Send the boy a calling card or a prepaid cell phone. ;)

  • Kurt, prior to leaving for boot camp he was given at least two phone cards by family members worth I-Don't-Know-HOW-Many minutes.  He has the means.

    The stinker-binker. 

    He's planning upon getting a cell phone shortly, though, which should help a lot. 

  • I love your scrolling pictures, so all I can say is...."hewwo thailor!" ;0)

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow!  Whoot! Safe journey!


  • Kids!! Always have an excuse!!

    Have a safe trip to Frank's memorial. Kathryn and her family are in my prayers.

  • Things seem to be going swimmingly for Charles.  So glad to hear he's going to do his darndest to be the best in his class.  Betcha he makes it too. 

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