December 26, 2005

  • We have the weirdest cat.  Boots, the cat in question, likes to go around the house while we're gone and collect pens, taking them into the living room and dumping them on the floor.  A few years ago she put four or five of them all lined up in a row.  Yesterday evening, when we returned home from visiting Richard, we found this:

    Pretty decent bit of work for a cat, don't you think?  We stopped, stared, and exclaimed over it, with Boots sitting on one of the recliners attempting to look blasé but not succeeding terribly well. 

    Bet no one else received a piece of performance art as a Christmas gift from their cat. 

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  • Oh oh (she says ominously), it looks to me like a signal to the mother ship which is circling the earth waiting for a sign that it's safe to attack because everyone's distracted by Christmas.  Flee, everyone, flee!

  • [nervously] Also a viable explanation.... =8^o

  • What an interesting pet...mine just sits around and looks hopeful (food I presume!)...of course, he's a dog.

    Conrad used to have a ferret that would collect anything shiny and hord the items under the dresser.  I asked him to get rid of it when we married, it was stinky!  Oh young love!

  • This cat also sits on the back of a recliner and "rides" it. I'd bet cat could ride a bronco! Talented indeed! See in pics of Christmas at Ivy house and see cat on back of recliner. True talent!

  • Just as long as the cat doesn't make strange sculptures with mashed potatoes....

    too funny.

  • Jim Qwilleran call your office! That sounds just like what Yum Yum would do. You don't have a siamese named Koko, do you?

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